1/2 silk – 120x120cm


  • Size: 122 cm x 122 cm (48″ x 48″)
  • Weight:
  • Fabric: China Silk White
  • Fabric type: Diffusor
  • Stoppage: 1.0 stops
  • Webbing colour: White

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Tehnične informacije

Grid cloths are among the most common means of light diffusion. As a part of developing our offer, we decided to introduce a series of ready-made grids.The greatest advantage of those fabrics is how fast and convenient the are. They will make the work easier and far more efficient.

The China Silk White softens and diffuses the light, without losing much of its intensity. Instead it gives significant bounce. It produces a glowing, warmer white light and will be ideal for skin tones, or for diffusing sunlight. Also known as a half silk.

  • Diffusion without losing much light’s intensity
  • Significant bounce
  • Produces warm light


  • Elastic band at each corner
  • Double cords at edges for easy mounting
  • Durable sewing
  • Gridded weave

Carefully manufactured and sewn with exceptional precision, our grids are the highest quality on the market. We do not recommend using the fabric close to a hot light source. May yellow with age and weathering.

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