Boom Arm with Pivot Clamp – Stainless Steel


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– telescopic boom arm: 120 to 220 cm
– diameter of the boom arm poles: 25 / 30 mm
– pivoting clamp supporting diameter: 30 mm
– boom arm weigh:  Kg
– payload: 8 kg
– packed length: 120 cm
– material: stainless-steel and aluminum

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Tehnične informacije

This stainless steel boom arm with pivoting clamp and sand bag counterweight is the ideal studio accessory for overhead subject lighting. The boom arm is also used to create more freedom of action around the subject by hanging the lighting fixtures above and keeping them away from the frame. 
The fully metal construction with stainless steel and aluminum alloy elements makes this boom arm to be sturdy and durable for years to use. 

The pivot clamp features a combo mounting adapter: spigot 28mm stud with 16mm receiver allowing to mount the boom arm on top of a baby stand or junior / combo stand.

The L-shaped handle with pull & twist mechanism ensures fast tightening and firm lock into position. With the help of the pivoting clamp, the weight center of the boom arm can be easily adjusted, even when loaded with a lighting fixture.

The telescopic 2-section boom arm extends from 120 cm to 220 cm. One end of the boom arm is provided with ribbed 16 mm spigot stud for secure tightening the lighting fixture and preventing the unwanted rotation of the lamp head. The back end of the the boom arm is provided with a hook for the included sand bag and has a rubber-coated section above it for easy and comfortable positioning. 
The sand bag is used to counter balance the load on the boom arm, preventing the stand from tipping over and damaging the equipment mounted on it. 

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