– Power input: 100-240V AC, 1200W, Current Max. 10A.
– Motor: 500W, Max. 3500RPM.
– DMX mode: DMX on-off and volume control.
– Memory: 9 mode memory setting available.
– One touch turbo function: 0-3500RPM within 5 sec.
– Air volume: 1700CBM / hr .
– Wind speed: 60KM / hr .
– Remote controller: Supplied w/3M cable.
– Built-in master / slave control interface.
– Dimension: 480 x 560 x 460 mm.
– Weight: 12.5 kg.

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Tehnične informacije

Is a powerful and versatile special wind machine designed for studios, theaters, theme parks, touring, photographic and more. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including blowing haze, smoke, bubbles, confetti or snow, cooling performers, dimmer racks or amplifiers even drying paint in the studio. DF-500 can be controlled through a standard DMX signal or master/slave operation through a data link. A versatile yoke for overhead rigging, floor sitting, or stand mounting. Housing is constructed from a molded lightweight plastic venting device with rugged tubular steel surrounded for transport and protection. The 11” one-piece blade and spiral front grill for creating a narrow focus wind stream. Compact,
lightweight and powerful.


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