Easy steady Lite and Go kit


  • Sled one
  • Arm
  • Vest
  • Liliput monitor
  • Docking Plate
  • Allen Key
  • C Stand
  • Trolley case

Tehnične informacije

– Pro series derivated vest
– New Completely redesigned taylored back parts
– Buckle system for quick tighten and release operation
– Maximum fitting to the different operators’ bodies
– New 2 Macro-size available: S-M and L-XL
– Extremely light weighted
– Breast plate pad is comfortable also for women operators
– New internal soft transpirant pads for increased comfort
– New shoulder buckles attachments to increase rigidity
– High load proof
– Compatible with all Professional Arms on the market
– New Back pad for the lower belt
Basic Arm.
– Double stadium stabilization system
– Aluminium alloyes
– Great precision and fluidity in micro-movements shock-absorbing
– NEW Redesigned 5/8″ pin
– Springs Resonance reducted
– Traction springs for cameras up to 4,5 kg (9,92 lbs). Total sled’s weight 12 kg (26,45 lbs)
– Quick and easy Springs set substitution
– Book-like closing of the arm for tiny environments
– New mating block torsion-springless
– Total compatibility with any type of sleds and professional vests available on the market
– regulation keys
Sled One.
– NEW Redesigned side to side can lodge all type of dovetail plate
– Rigid and compact side to side with a great range in fwd/bwd left/right regulation movement
– Universal camera plate, ideal for unbalanced cameras too.
– Full HDSDI wiring
– NEW redesigned Super fluid Gimbal
– NEW 1,5″ ø standard telescopic center post
– 500 mm (25,59”) telescopic center post
– 1150 mm (51,96”) maximum center post’s extension, for super Low-mode or Hi-mode
– 7” lcd monitor included
– Accessories rods brackets 15 mm diameter with 60 mm interaxis, fully compatible with the world standard
– New Pivoting V-lock or Gold Mount (opt.) mono battery pack
– NEW Tool free
– NEW Lemo and binder connectors
Poslovna cona A10, 4208 Šenčur