Great Joy 35mm and 50mm T2.9 1.8x Anamorphic PL in EF set


Ultra-wide Screen with True Anamorphic Look and More Cinematographic Feel.

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With 33×24 mm image circle, GREAT JOY 50mm T2.9 1.8x Anamorphic Lens supports shooting in 3:2, 4:3, and 16:9 aspect ratios and side-cropping to 2.35:1 format. If shooting in 4:3 full-frame, you can get a 2.4:1 image without any vignette.

GREAT JOY 1.8x 50mm lens provides enhanced anamorphic features. It captures the image with beautiful bokeh, out-of-focus blur, and gentle lens flare, provides blue & amber lens flare in a very clean and subtle way, not distracting to the image.

Adopted top-grade aluminum alloy, GREAT JOY 50mm T2.9 1.8X Anamorphic has a relatively light weight of 1040g/2.2 pounds. The lens offers 270° focus rotation with a minimum focus distance of 0.7m, good for closed-up portrait shooting.

The lens housing features an industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus and the lens comes with M5 to 1/4″-20 UNC support screws.

The focus ring of GREAT JOY 1.8x 50mm lens features stepless aperture design, providing smooth and seamless aperture control from T2.9 to T22.



Adopted the new optical structure design with latest optics coating technology, GREAT JOY 1.8x 35mm anamorphic lens greatly optimized the light transmittance and so that the users could control the flares not to over-streak across the frame. GREAT JOY 1.8x 35mm lens has the incredible ability to shoot into direct light sources and gives very little lens flare, making shots clean and highlighting the subject, satisfying the taste of some professionals.

Same as 50mm lens, GREAT JOY T2.9 1.8x Anamorphic Lens has a 32×24 mm image circle and supports full-frame shooting with side cropping. If shooting in 4:3 full frame, GREAT JOY can produce 2.4:1 image without any vignette.

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