COMBO LIGHT STAND 480cm / 230cm


6x na voljo
– Blondie 2000W
– Fresnel 1000W / 2000W / 5000W
– HMI Compact 575W / 1200W
– HMI PAR 575W / 1200W

Tehnične informacije

Aluminum stand for studio and location work. The legs can be quickly retracted by loosening the T-handle on the top collar and pulling up.

The whole central column can be vertically positioned so it can rest directly on the ground reducing the stress on the legs when heavier equipment is installed.

Key Features:

– air cushioned design ensure protection against accidental collapse
– 28mm die cast aluminum socket and 16mm stud.
– storage pin
– parts made by die cast aluminum to ensure longer lasting mechanical performance and extension linearity of column.
– all parts are made from metal to better resist the stress.
– anti-extraction collars.
– captive lock offs thread into rust free steel inserts.
– excellent protection against corrosion and wear is ensured by aluminum anodization.

Poslovna cona A10, 4208 Šenčur