K-Flect / K-Board 01 in 02 Flector (ogledalo in srebrna)


  • K-Board
  • 01 – MIRROR / Extremely hard, good for redirecting light
  • 02 – FLAT / Hard circular reflection.


Tehnične informacije

The K-Board is a pivoting yoke that holds an XL K-Flector on each side.The two K-Flectors can be exchanged individually without tools. In order to ensure the absolute flatness of the reflective surfaces, both K-Flectors are held by lightweight aluminium frames and secured on each corner. Furthermore, two magnets in the centre of the frame hold the XL K-Flector in place and keep it flat. In order to tilt the reflector, only one of the two lock levers need to be operated – automatically, both locks will either release the yoke or fix it in place.

All of the reflectors are made of specially treated aluminium. One exception is the mirror, which is made of acrylic glass. Due to the wide selection of structures and coatings it is easy to control light distribution and character by simply choosing the appropriate reflector. For example, elliptic, round or linear patterns with soft or hard edges can easily be directed onto the set. This makes it possible to “paint” with subtle lighting modulation and distinctly defined shadows – from hard to extremely soft.



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