KSB-011 / Universal Radio Chest Pack


Size: 27(L)X19.5(W)CM


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Tehnične informacije

The Universal Radio Chest Pack is built entirely out of 1,680D Cordura nylon with 3 pouches on the front can carry a wide assortment of items primary designed for camera assistant in the film industry or anyone who needs rapid access to tools. It features adjustable shoulder straps (27~45cm) with quick –release nylon buckles allows you to tailor it snuggly to your chest. The narrow zippered pouch helps keep your belongings including changes, coins, keys and small items secure no matter wherever you go. The both walkie-talkie pouches with a loop strap can hold most hand-held radios and small telecommunications device on the market. The major pouch and additional 4 slip pockets comes with a locking buckle on the cover allows you to secure store lots of things you need like screwdriver, Allen keys, lens cleaning, flashlight, pens and tapes, gloves and more. A great choice of Radio and tools pack allows hands-free carrying over the shoulder.

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