Low boy combo stand


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  – 28mm die cast aluminum socket and 16mm long stud.
  – double braced legs for extra stability, resistance and safety.
  – assembled using stainless steel bolts instead of rivets for simpler maintenance.
  – central column can be positioned to rest directly on the ground.
  – stainless-steel locking collars
  – shock-resistant square section tubing (25×25 mm)
  – fully metal made
  – chrome-plated steel tubing.
  – this type of surface finishing lasts longer – prevents oxidation and gives the product a polished look.
 – upper spider casting with extender for storage o the rack. 

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Tehnične informacije

  This is a robust heavy duty combo stand suitable for supporting heavy fixtures at a lower distance from the ground, comparing to other combo stand versions. A 40 kg weight fixture can be positioned anywhere between 85 – 175 cm in height.
     The combo stand features a dual mounting function: 5/8″ (16 mm) stud and 1-1/8″ (28 mm) receiver in order to fit any type of lighting fixture or studio accessory. 

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