Tube LED Ultra Soft Bi-Color


new ultra-soft light output
– saber design of the LED light
– light output: 290 lx @ 1m
– CRI 97 / TLCI 98 SMD LED’s
– variable color temperature: 3000K -5600K with no light loss.
– dimmable light intensity 100%-10%
– total power : 16W
– aluminum & PVC housing
– 24Wh internal Li-Ion battery
– size: 60 x 6 x 6 cm
– weight:  950g
– multiple ¼” mounting threads for easy gripping
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Tehnične informacije

The Cinelight Tube-LED Ultra Soft is a highly portable LED light designed for photo and video applications. The fixture consists of an array of SMD LED’s under a dense diffusion cover which output an ultra soft light with wide beam and smooth shadows . The fixture design resembles the look of a common-classic 2FT / 60cm fluorescent tube lamp making it familiar for all gaffers. Being lightweight and compact makes it suitable for confined spaces where heavy lights along with matching stands and accessories are not the best option to use.
Continuous adjustable brightness and color temperature
     The Tube-LED Ultra Soft is fully dimmable, having adjustable brightness from 10% to 100% using the dedicated knob on the back. Also, the color temperature can be continuously adjusted from 3000K (warm tungsten) to 5600K (cold daylight). Due to the color temperature range, the Tube-LED  can be used in mixed setups that include various lighting sources like fluorescent, tungsten, HMI, even flash lights. 
No compromise for having a bi-color function!: thanks’ to the new 2in1 SMD chip design the Bi-Color fixtures now output the same amount of light as a daylight only version.
Lightweight aluminum housing with built-in dense diffusion filter
     The Tube-LED Ultra Soft comes with a built-in dense diffusion filter into a lightweight but solid aluminum housing. The fixture can be placed very close to the subject, wrapping it around in a soft light, with almost no heat generation. 
Built-in battery
     The Tube-LED is powered via an internal 24Wh battery that features the latest Lithium-Ion technology and can be charged anywhere using the universal battery charger. The run time when fully charged can reach over 90 minutes at full brightness. 
Inter linked design
     A connector bracket is included in the package which can be used to join head-to-head two or more Tube-LED’s to form a single long light source. This is a very useful accessory when there is a need for a wider Tube-LED like in full body photography. 
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