Ultrabounce White / Black – 12×12 (360x360cm)


  • Soft light result
  • Waterproof
  • Fire-retardant
  • Either a bounce or a block
  • Fabric type: Reflector
  • Webbing colour: White / Black

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Tehnične informacije

Ultrabounce is a very lightweight, waterproof textile. It is reinforced with a grid and resistant to tearing. White on white side and black on the other, it may serve either as a bounce, or block. Matte finish gives it a soft light result. Provides very consistent effect and doesn’t introduce noise.

For exterior shooting, it can be focused onto a subject as a fill light. For interior shooting, a light must be focused into the fabric.


  • Elastic band at each corner
  • Double cords at edges for easy mounting
  • Durable sewing

Carefully manufactured and sewn with exceptional precision, our Black / White Ultrabounce is the highest quality on the market. The fabric used is fire-retardant. Matte finish may diminish with age and weathering.

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