Xeen 14mm T3.1 PL/E/EF/MFT


14mm T3.1 PL/E/EF/MFT

Tehnične informacije

Maximum T-stop: T3.1
Negative size 24mm x 36mm
Angle view
Full Frame (1:1x): 115.7 degrees
Super 35: 98.2 degrees
APS-C (1:1 5x): 92.7 degrees
MFT (1:2x): 76.3 degrees
Focusing range: infinity to 0.28m
Front size: 114mm
Number of blades: 9
Size: 117.6mm x 80.3mm
Focus angle: 200 degrees
Iris angle: 30 degrees
Weight (without lens): 1,170g
Poslovna cona A10, 4208 Šenčur