Schneider Neutral Density (ND) 0.6 Filter (4 x 5.65″)


Key Features
  • Water White Glass
The Schneider Neutral Density (ND) 0.6 Filter (4 x 5.65″) has several uses and offers the possibility to achieve otherwise unachievable results. They enable the shooter to adjust exposure without affecting color balance. ND filters appear gray and reduce the amount of light reaching the film.

Tehnične informacije

Schneider 68-040656 Specs

Filter Type Solid ND
Density 0.6 (2-Stop)
Rotating No
Front Accessory Thread / Bayonet Unthreaded
Rectangular Size 4 x 5.65″ / 101.6 x 143.5 mm
Coatings Multi-Coating
Filter Thickness 0.16″ / 4 mm
Filter Material Glass

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