Tilta ring + V-Mount Battery Plate + RS 3 Remote Control Handle


  • Basic Ring Grip
  • The RS 2 Remote Control Handle
  • V-Mount Battery Plate



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Tehnične informacije

The design of the Basic Ring Grip allows for further stability via multiple points of contact when operating the RS 2 and the included kickstands allow you to set the gimbal down after long takes to ensure the operator does not become fatigued.

The Basic Ring Grip includes all of the same contact points as the Advanced Ring Grip, but does not include the accessories that allow you different power options, the ability to control wireless follow focus motors or the RS2 itself.

The Basic Ring Grip allows you to turn the RS2’s Battery Handle into a Top Handle so you can quickly transition to low angle shots while providing additional power to your gimbal.

The RS 2 Remote Control Handle attaches to the right side of the Advanced Ring Grip and Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket.

It gives you easy access to your gimbal’s settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera.

The Thumb-stick allows you to control the Pan and Tilt of your gimbal for maximum precision while operating.

The Focus Wheel allows you to wirelessly control either a DJI or Nucleus Series Lens Control Motor.

This Handle can also be used wirelessly which requires a single 18650 Battery. (It does not require batteries when connected to a Ring Grip)

It can be powered by the RS 2 Battery Handle or Battery Plate when connected to the Ring Grip.

V-Mount Battery Plate attaches directly to the Basic or Advanced Ring Grip for RS 2 and allows you to power your gimbal with higher capacity V-Mount batteries without external cables.

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